Aquarius Oversink Water Heater Review

Aquarius Oversink Water Heater Review

The Aquarius Oversink Water Heater, a small vented water heater made in the UK, available in the two capacities options of 7 and 10 liter and power rating options of 1.2kW & 3 kW. This range of products is usually assigned to a “point of use”. The 1.2  KW power unit is usable in limited power supply areas like convenient and interim buildings and the 3 kW rated unit supplies a fast heating process to the cold water.   

These small size water heaters are generally installed over or under the sink and suitable for the light commercial duties like washing utensils (cups and dishes). Commonly, they are supplied from either the water mains or an elevated cistern which requires a minimum head pressure of 3 meters.

The inlet valves which are supplied with these over sink units, after opening, permit the supply of the cold water, enter into the heater and displace the stored hot water in the cylinder. The valve act as the hot water displacement controller and the outlet is open to the atmosphere so that when the unit heats up, the expanded water islet on the dripping from the vent into the sink. Another outlet should not be used in alliance with these types of water heater products.

  • Nominal Volume: 7 Litre and 10 Litre
  • Component power rating: 1.2 kW- 3 KW
  • Elements are sheathed by Copper and integrated into an easily detachable heater plate
  • Inner storage pressure is tested to 1.38 bar (20 psi) and 3 meters minimal pressure is also required.
  • The outer casing of the main body is solid gauge sheet steel, white finishing stove enamel, and anti-corrosion polished, ending covers are engraved in grey ABS.
  • The thermostat is flexible: 10 degrees C to 70 degrees C
  • Swivel outlet length is 300mm
  • The Electrical installation must keep BS 7671, which is required for electrical installations that are IEE wiring regulations.
  • Manufactured in the Uk and approved by Kiwa
  • Comes with a 2 years on-site warranty on products from the date of purchasing

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