Zip Instantaneous Water Heater

Zip Instantaneous Water Heater

The Zip Instantaneous water heater is based on the modern and latest German technology. It is mainly designed to provide warm water (38C) for hand wash only mainly for those areas, where space is limited.  It uses cosmopolitan electronic controls to provide very efficient water heating. Zip Instantaneous is a cost-effective water heater and its storage heating is economical when it is used intermittently.

This water heater unit is based on bare wire technology which provides a fast heating process and connects to the existing closed spout valves. Its brilliant design, make it fit for a neat and hidden installment in most of the locations. It is perfect for under-sink applications and those who want less hot water. This is an energy-efficient unit and also has the facility of monitoring the temperature of the water with ease.

Instantaneous water heaters are popular as tankless water heaters. It heats water continuously when it goes through the unit, so it doesn’t need any large water tank for the hot water storage. When you need hot water, it provides on-demand, this instant hot water providing technology helps in saving energy and also end up the “standby heat loss” that happens in heaters with tanks.

Zip Instantaneous water heater is a WRAS, VDE and CE approved product, all its models come with a different residential and commercial on-site warranty on its parts and labor to ensures you that the product you are going to use serves you with the reliable source of hot water till the upcoming years.

Features of Zip Instantaneous Water Heater

  • Designed for the limited space areas
  • For balancing the temperature, it controls heating power electronically
  • The outlet temperature inside the unit is pre-set from 30 to 45 degree Celsius, (manufacturer set it at 38 degree Celsius)
  • If water temperature will increase then the flow rate of water will be reduced
  • It uses stainless steel bare-wire heating technology for the instant heating response
  • For the easy and hassle-free installation of the water heater, it is supplied with 700mm of pre-wired cable
  • The easy installation process with improved wall bracket
  • Approved by WRAS and CE endorsed
  • It uses double pole thermal cut-out protection
  • The taps which are compatible with this device are M22 or M24, these taps can work with the flow restrictor aerator that is supplied with this water heater unit.

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