Redring Vortex Instant Hand Wash Unit Manual

Redring Vortex Instant Hand Wash Unit Manual

Redring Vortex is a manually operated over sink instantaneous hand wash unit, it is suitable for the busy washrooms, ideal for the commercial washroom uses. It is a compact hand wash unit so, it is easy to install over a hand basin or mounting on the wall. Providing an instant and unlimited supply of hot water which is usually used for normal handwashing and face washing. These instant electric units are energy-efficient, rated 3kW for handwashing duty use only heats water when you demand with no standing heat losses. It only consumes power when it heats the water.  The Redring Instantaneous is based on a vortex pattern spray head design for excellent water supply and for resisting the scale build-up, so there’s no need for any costly maintenance in hard water areas.

It connects directly to the cold water supply and mains electricity and provides hot water instantly. Vortex is a simple and economical hand wash unit and it can be used only with a single control for manual temperature selection or hands-free (auto) control selection for start or stop. These hand wash units are compatible with both the high or low-pressure plumbing systems. The supply of water has a powerful and wider flow pattern which offers better hand coverage and gives fast and impressive hand-washing.

Key Features

  • Compact and simple design, suitable for commercial uses such as the catering industry and other places where hot water is key elements for maintaining good hygiene levels
  • Supplied with easily operating knob and simply move its knob anti-clockwise 180 degrees and enjoy your hand with hot water
  • The temperature of the water can be changed easily and instantly according to the users’ needs, doesn’t need to wait for either hot or cold water
  • Water temperature is completely stabilized to provide protection against any and sudden and scolding temperature differences
  • It connects with the 15mm pipework to the water mains and the device is ready to use
  • The cable size which is required for electrical connection is 15mm, protected by a 13A fuse.
  • The cable can be connected from top, bottom or rear
  • Excellent Energy Efficiency
  • Neon indicator to define “heat on and overheat protection”
  • It has 200mm long stainless steel spray arm and anti-vandal spray head for ease of use and easy cleaning
  • Supplied with full fixing pack and all the accessories
  • It has standard BSP 1 / 2” connections

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