Redring Powerstream Instantaneous Water Heater

Redring Powerstream Instantaneous Water Heater

The Redring Powerstream unvented instantaneous water heater is designed for both commercial and residential uses. It has a modern, stylish, compact, and unique design that eliminates the requirement of long pipe runs and lowering the need for complicated installations. It is an energy-efficient and power-saving water heater.

The instantaneous water heater is suitable for up to two hand basins but it is not designed for filling up baths or kitchen sinks The unit connects directly into the cold mains water supply and heats the water quickly and supplies at a temperature range of 29 degrees to 54 degree Celsius, it depends on incoming water temperature, delivers hot water at 4-6 liters per minute.

The Redring Powerstream is not constructed for use in thermostatically controlled valves.


  • The Redring Powerstream 12kW is the highest-rated single-phase heater on the UK market
  • The perfect solution for handwashing facilities and hot water basins
  • Can be connected directly into the cold water supply and heating up water instantly
  • Doesn’t require a long pipe runs to a centrally located cylinder
  • Its small and compact design, make it suitable for fitting underneath a basin or inside a cupboard
  • The range of water temperature varies from 28 degree Celsius to 54 degree Celsius, it depends on the temperature of incoming water
  • It delivers water at a rate of 4 to 6 liters in a minute
  • The Powerstream is only recommendable for spray valves or non-thermostatic mixer valves.
  • The backplate is made of corrosion-resistant steel
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • This is a BEAB approved water heater
  • IIPX4 Rated Hand wash and water heater unit
  • Its operating pressure is in between 1-10 bar
  • The Powerstream uses 15mm straight shank inlet and outlet piper for water connections
  • The energy rating of this compact water heater is A
  • The cable size(16mm, 50amps)  depends on the distance between the fuse board and the water heater
  • Its dimension is 307mm x 160mm X 72mm
  • The remote fitting option is also available
  • No standing heat loss
  • Half power selection is available on the installation

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