Redring Powerstream Ascari

Redring Powerstream Ascari

The Redring Powerstream Ascari electric boiler has been designed to offer the maximum temperature stability and highest efficient energy consumption possible from and electric boiler. The 5-liter storage capacity and high thermal mass reduce its cooling power, and its electronic temperature and auto-adjustability function keep the boiler at a stable temperature using a minimum amount of electricity.

 This new electric central heating and hot water boiler have an adjustable and safe way of heating water. Usually, suitable for domestic uses, and saves 99% energy efficiency compared to the other conventional water boiling appliances. The Powerstream Ascari electric boiler can be used as a direct replacement for Gas, Oil, Solid fuel, Propane or electric storage heating appliances.

Besides these features, the electric boiler has other additional benefits such as no high servicing cost or safety checks for the end-user. Basically, these features are offered to private landlords and social housing providers.

This electric boiler is very easy to install for the installer, once it is installed then you don’t need to worry about its fitting. Depending on the utilization, it comes with different power options, as per your need you can select on installation including 4kW, 6kW, 8kW, and 12kW. This boiler is perfect for well-insulated properties of up to 80m2 and for the larger properties, you may need multiple boilers installation in parallel.

Features of Redring Powerstream Ascari

  • It has a compact design which can be fitted into limited space areas even in the kitchen cupboard
  • Comes with the adjustable water temperature output  options (Min/max) from the boiler
  • It is suitable for well-insulated properties of up to 80mm
  • Uses cast iron engine for thermal stability
  • Adjustable (21 to 80 degree Celsius) water temperature heating system, which allows low energy setting of heating
  • It provides quiet operation, so you don’t have to face any type of irritating and unbearable sound
  • Provides durability and low maintenance, so you don’t need for an annual servicing or any other safety check (at least for 5 years)
  • Having properties of auto-flexibility which minimize energy input, on/off cycling of the boiler and also balance the temperature variation of the home
  • Integral circulation pump and expansion vessel
  • 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee on the tank
  • 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee on its elements

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